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Affiliate Program

Online casino affiliate marketing is an effective strategy to further expand your market. In fact, it’s now considered to be the most powerful method to push your products and services beyond boundaries as the Internet literally makes the world a smaller place. Therefore, the need for your own Bitcoin affiliate program is paramount to achieve your goal of making your Bitcoin gambling website succeed in the industry.

Having a Bitcoin affiliate program will benefit your website in different ways, and this will even be the driving force for your brand to join the ranks of the popular online Bitcoin casino software providers offering Bitcoin betting. Therefore, equip your brand with an affiliate program, and you will easily realize the following advantages:

You can generate more traffic.
Through the various types of ads placed on your affiliate websites, the chances of unique visitors getting redirected to your website are high. With more visitors referred to your brand, expect to have an increase in traffic as well as regular players.

You can reach different markets.
The Internet is there 24/7, so there will be guaranteed users from all over the world who will chance upon your ads promoted by your affiliates. Therefore, you are technically extending the reach of your brand without physically visiting your target markets.

You can improve search engine rankings.
The more affiliates you have, the more frequent your brand will be mentioned or promoted online. Therefore, your brand will experience significant increase in search engine rankings.

You can get pre-defined results.
There’s no need to pay your affiliates on a regular basis because they only get paid when they make a profit for your brand.

You are just a step away from enjoying these great benefits. Simply acquire our top-rated Playfors solution to equip your brand with an effective Bitcoin affiliate program.

Here are some of the features we offer:
100% safety and security through fraud detection
Customizable sign-up webpages for the affiliate program
Group categorizing of affiliates
A user-friendly interface
Real-time statistics and ad tracking capabilities
An array of tools for ads
Multilingual support

Start your brand’s affiliate program today, and choose Playfors to give you the best solution.

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