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Playfors team will be happy to assist you with advice and consultation pertaining to gambling license and regulation, marketing, customer service, risk management, CRM and promotions, and other services
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Playfors offers a complete licensed suite of games that will make your casino a hit. Integrated with various deposit methods for the convenience of your players and comes with Playfors Real Money Casino management tools
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Become a part of a growing, profitable segment by owning your own Bitcoin Casino with hundreds of games, rich graphics, integrated admin panel and affiliate programs and a full-service Bitcoin processing cashier.
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Offer your players a unique experience of playing online with live dealers, one of the most demanded features in your online bitcoin casino which will support its integrity as well. Meet our live dealers today!
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Available with or without registration. Your players will enjoy the ultimate thrill playing our elegant roulette. Winnings can be sent automatically and instantly to the wallets that were used to make the bets.
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Playofrs slots are favored for a unique experience of enchanted worlds accompanied by great theme music. Enjoy unique mouthwatering graphics and exciting bonus rounds. More high quality slots coming soon!
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Bingo serve a growing segment of your players and is important product to add to your games portfolio. Playfors Bingo is the most powerful, flexible Bingo out there. Bitcoin Bingo is Playfors.
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The official Bitcoin lottery presents hi-tech features, better odds, simple management of multiple draws, subscription mode and quick pick technology. With your custom design, your players won’t go anywhere else.
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It is our commitment to serve you better.

Playfors is the best choice if you want to be successful in your gaming business. We simply have all your needs in one place. We develop top-quality gaming products and services that will suit everyone’s gaming perceptions.
However, we don’t just define ourselves as a Bitcoin casino software provider because we are definitely more than that.

It is common to find online gaming software providers, but it is rare to find a software development company that offers various games integrated with bitcoins (BTC) and other crypto-currencies. With a refreshing and convenient way to play casino games, lottery, raffles and even sportsbook, customers will surely enjoy your Bitcoin casino platform.

Playfors is a ‘one stop shop’. Aside from a portfolio of anonymous games we offer, numerous key services are also provided. Being a flexible software provider, we adjust depending on our clients’ needs. Name your games, and we will do our best to offer them in their finest. These games, together with our other products, are configurable.
You are the one in control over your own settings, limits, and odds.

We are a dynamic company; hence, we put strong emphasis on innovation. In fact, most of our products and services will never be found in any of our competing brands. Our games are not only played anonymously but they are all available for fast and easy CMS management using WordPress publishing platforms. In addition, these games are built using HTML5 technology making it available in all types of mobile devices.

To guarantee the success of your gaming business, you need excellent retention tools for your clients. Aside from brilliant bitcoin-powered games, we also offer features such as 100% security, management system, account management, affiliate programs, and more. All of these will keep your customers coming back for more and cater other more to be part of your gaming business.

In this website, you will find everything you need to know about Playfors. Everything is complete from general up to specific details. All you have to do is navigate from one topic to another – speedily and easily. We are definitely proud to offer you with everything we have got. We have worked hard to make these offers possible to give you the lift you need to boost your business.

Take a step forward with Playfors and you will never regret it. With our reasonable prices yet high-standard products and services, you will definitely get that perfect mix to get into the top spot of the gaming industry.
We will give you a hand in starting up your business from scratch to success.

With all of these aforementioned features, there must never be any reason for you to turn away. Playfors absolutely has the perfect gaming solution for your business as we continue to work hard to give you only the best.
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